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Q. I have heard that ozone therapy originates in the east and has a spirit of Buddha, is this true?

A. If you look on our page History of Ozone you will find that Ozone Therapy originated in Europe and the USA. If you take the atmosphere into account you will find huge quantities of ozone in the upper atmosphere which is generated by UV rays from the sun splitting the oxygen molecules and forming ozone. If ozone has a ‘spirit of Buddha’ then we have a big problem because then the very atmosphere must be dangerous and should be avoided. Ozone in the Greek means ‘The Breath of God’ so by its very name it is related to God and not Buddha. Many things come from the east such as motor cars so if coming from the east means that there is some form of evil attached to them then we should never buy a car from that area.

Ozone Therapy is not widely known in the east but some practitioners do use it along with many other modalities. Ozone Therapy is a modality that God has revealed to us and is one the most powerful healing modalities that we have.

Unfortunately people who have no idea of what God has given us, sometimes make statements, that defy all logic, without any knowledge of the subject.

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