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Medical Ozone Therapy, Johannesburg, South Africa

Is your body getting the oxygen it needs?

Most people take for granted the importance of oxygen and how necessary it is to our physical and mental well being as well as our quality of life.

Oxygen is the most plentiful element in the atmosphere and without it we would not be able to function, without it we would cease to exist. Oxygen is mainly generated by photosynthesis in plants such as trees, taking the carbon dioxide we eliminate and turning it into oxygen that we can breathe. The health of our bodies relies a lot on the environment in which we live.

What is ozone?

Ozone is activated oxygen (03) and has three oxygen atoms. It is created when oxygen (02) molecules are split up and immediately re-combine into 03 molecules. Ozone is a bluish water-soluble gas with a distinct smell. The word ozone comes from the Greek word ‘ozein’ which means strong smell. The Hebrew word means ‘the breath of God’. Medical ozone is made by using medical oxygen which is electronically activated through an ozone generator.


What are the benefits of Oxygen/Ozone Therapy?  

Ozone treatment stimulates the immune system, improves memory and brain function, boosts energy, purifies skin, neutralizes acids, kills parasites, purifies the blood and lymph, cleanses the liver, destroys cancer cells and assists in the treatment of cancer, prevents and repairs stroke damage, normalizes hormone and enzyme production, kills viruses, reduces inflammation, burns fat, speeds healing, kills Candida, fights infection, fights flu and prevents colds, reduces fever, calms and relaxes, eliminates lactic acid, speeds athletic recovery, cleans arteries and veins, improves circulation, prevents and eliminates auto-immune diseases, stops bleeding, detoxifies the lymphatic system, prevents degeneration diseases, fights herpes, kills worms, assists with emphysema, prevents parasite infection, clears sinuses, assists with skin conditions i.e. eczema and psoriasis, kills unfriendly colon bacteria, oxygenates the spleen, speeds up the metabolism, relieves muscle aches, prevents tumours, relieves tension, increases cellular vitality, corrects dizziness, improves heart function, improves mineral absorption and detoxifies every cell in the body.

How is this accomplished?

  • Fights and kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa
  • Enhances circulation
  • Stimulates oxygen metabolism
  • Forms peroxides
  • Dissolves malignant tumours

How is ozone administered?

  • Ozone steam saunas
  • Vaginal/rectal insufflations
  • Ear insufflations
  • Direct IV infusion
  • Ozonated olive oil

How ozone works

Ozone is produced using a medical ozone generator and is an effective oxidizer that can kill all types of viruses, bacteria, and is non-carcinogenic. Most infections occur because of an invasion of anaerobes that do not strive in an oxygen rich environment. Depriving the cells of oxygen encourages anaerobic microbes to flourish. An abundance of harmful microbes will cause a breakdown of enzymatic reactions, an overload of metabolic waste and eventually the cells will die. When the body is given oxygen it starts to clean itself out. Ozone can blast holes through the membranes of viruses, bacteria, yeast and call tissue before it kills them and yet leaves healthy cells untouched.

When we inhale oxygen the circulatory system carries it through our bodies giving the energy to do the things that we need to do. Enough oxygen is crucial to a healthy life. Every cell needs oxygen constantly otherwise it will provide an anaerobic environment in which micro-organisms thrive. Healthy cells are ‘aerobic’, meaning that they need oxygen to survive. Unhealthy cells are ‘anaerobic’, meaning that they can only survive in the absence of oxygen

Many diseases, for example cancers, grow in low oxygen environments where the cells are not getting enough oxygen. A lack of oxygen in the body’s cells may cause poor health leading to a variety of illnesses, lack of energy, tiredness etc.

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