Natra-Heal treatment enhances quality of life because it makes one feel well and normal! Makes me breathe more easily and keeps me well. No colds and flu.

Denis  D.

I am feeling a lot better on the NES drops

Linda F.

Ozone Therapy can accurately be described as a modern day miracle cure, the benefits being vast, without doubt I can say that the Ozone Therapy has healed all of my urinary tract infections and my bladder is also on the mend. I highly recommend the different forms of Ozone Therapy for the enhancement of one’s life.

One should try to be bold and go the ozone route!

Mandy L.

From the treatment I no longer suffer from hay fever. Don’t get pins and needles through my body. My headaches are decreasing. Have a lot more energy. My blood tests are improving. My body craves the treatment after being away from it for a week. My health is improving. I feel much better than before I started the treatment.

Roy H.

The best therapy that I experienced at this practice is friendly people who are working here, from the receptionist, the nurse, the Dr and even the person who brought me here, Mrs Zamele M.

It felt like small heaven to me, even my stress level went down because of the warmth I’ve experienced here.

Gwendoline K.

Having ozone has given me energy. For nearly two years I had none and stayed in bed for most of that time. After a few months of Ozone Therapy I was able to go back to working in England for another two years.

In 2009 my son Anton got cerebral malaria while flying in the Congo. After two days treatment of MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) he was admitted to Sandton Clinic for tests and they discovered that the malaria parasite was dead. He made a full recovery.

Alison K.

I am having ozone and am feeling a lot better (pain has subsided) and I seem to have more energy. I feel great since coming here.

Dorothy M.

I am Tina P. I started with Arthritis 40 years ago. Later I had Osteoporosis and my back started bending. The doctors could do nothing. It was pain tablets morning and night, also my fingers bent. It’s so much pain every day you cry sometimes. At 81 I had a problem with my colon. The doctors made tests and found I had colon cancer and I had more than one ulcer in my stomach. I couldn’t have an operation; I had a rare heart problem. After a few days I met a friend of mine and I told him about my problem. He gave me the phone number of Dr Hansen. He (my friend) told me that Dr Hansen treats with ozone and he would help me. Next day I was at Dr Hansen. He said he does not guarantee anything but if I did what he said I may get healthy. I get ozone three times per week and in three weeks I feel so much better and the pain is little, then Dr Hansen got a machine called miHealth for pain, and I am now 83 and have no pain it’s wonderful and the cancer is nearly gone. Thank God he sent me to Dr Hansen and God was with me, I was in an accident and the doctors in hospital said my bones should have broken but no bones were broken. My bones are hard from the ozone. Dr Hansen used the miHealth for my pain from the accident (it was very sore) and after two weeks there was no pain. Thank God for Dr Hansen.

Tina P. (83)

I used to be a huge gym and health freak until 3 years ago when I suddenly started suffering with severe joint pains. Since then I have had 8 specialists and no real diagnosis and none of them have been able to help. About 2-3 months ago I started using the SAQI machine (Hot House). I have had very good results. I am not cured yet but am definitely the best I have been since I started.

Ryan N.

  1. Professional
  2. Relaxing therapy
  3. Afterwards for CPL days no backache
  4. Got more energy
  5. Visionary everything looks vivid and brighter
  6. No depression or mood swings
  7. General feeling of wellbeing


This is my first time but I’ve heard great things, have 100% faith it will help me get better

Dawn S.


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