Rife Therapy


RIFE RESONATOR THERAPY, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Rife Therapy refers to the use of a Rife resonator as part of our treatment. A Rife resonator generates resonance waves that are transmitted via handheld electrodes to the body. By creating a negative polarity, electromagnetic waves negate the reproductive ability of viruses, bacteria and parasites in the human body or destroy the pathogens outright.

In 1934 the late Dr Royal Raymond Rife designed and built a polarized light microscope (the Universal Microscope) with which he could view live viruses. He discovered that each virus, bacterium and parasite was fatally sensitive to a specific frequency. Rife was able to view the destruction of the pathogens via his microscope. This principle may be seen when an opera singer sings at a certain pitch shattering a wine glass. Each pathogen has its own specific frequency and when its frequency is fed into it via the Rife resonator it is destroyed, leaving the surrounding tissue untouched. This principle can be applied to the human body with absolute safety and great efficacy.

Dr Rife was big news in 1934 in California when he presented his discoveries to the public. Sadly he was vigorously hounded and maligned by other doctors and the big pharmaceutical companies because of the threat that his unpatentable treatment posed. The information was suppressed for many years with Dr Rife dying a broken man in 1971. Thanks to the internet this information can no longer be suppressed.

RIFE frequencies can be used in the treatment of many conditions, such as: arthritis, bronchitis Candida, cellulitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fever, fibrositis, glandular influenza, shingles, sports injuries, tonsillitis, and many other acute and chronic diseases. Our Rife resonator has over 1000 programs.

Once the offending viruses and pathogens have been destroyed the damaged cellular structure is able to regenerate. RIFE therapy can therefore also be used as part of a protocol to improve general health and prevent illness.

What does Rife Therapy involve?

The patient sits or lies comfortably with hand-held electrodes, or with the feet on contact electrodes. A program is then run which targets the specific problem using a series of frequencies. A treatment may last between 5 and 90 minutes depending on the condition being treated. The treatment is not painful and only a slight tingling is felt. Treatments are repeated several times a week until clinical improvement is experienced and then once a week for a few weeks to ensure a successful outcome.

 Rife Therapy Treatment

As with any natural treatment the patient may feel worse as toxins are removed before experiencing an improvement and superior well-being. It is important to consume large quantities of clean water so as to flush the toxins and metabolic waste out

RIFE treatment can be used to complement other therapies or treatment. It addresses the cause of many diseases rather than just the symptoms, and this drugless approach may well become the therapy of the future.



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