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There Is Nothing Else Like NES ProVision

NES Health and its ProVision software are at the forefront of the bio-informational and bioenergetic approach to natural health therapy.

Based on a ground-breaking theory of the human body-field, the information network that informs the physical body, NES takes holistic health to new levels of effectiveness. The ProVision scanning software and the related NES Infoceuticals give every health practitioner, no matter their speciality, the power to help restore their clients’ well-being at the deepest levels.

Not a healthcare practitioner, but interested in learning how NES Health can help you achieve your wellness goals? Visit our Consumer Pages.

The Power of ProVision

NES ProVision is a sophisticated decision support software system designed for use by conventional, alternative, complementary and integrative healthcare professionals.

In only minutes, ProVision scans a client’s body-field, determining distortions and blockages that correlate bioenergetically to the physical body. It is used along with NES Infoceuticals, which are liquid remedies for correcting the body-field.

A scan returns multiple screens with detailed and physiologically accurate graphics of various aspects of the body, including, but not limited to:

  • How natural and manmade energy fields are affecting the body-field. If distortions in how the body deals with these fields are not corrected first, then no health therapy, no matter what it is, will be entirely effective and any healing results may be short term.
  • Bioenergetic distortions and blockages in individual body systems and processes. The scan is incredibly comprehensive, covering a range of correlations from hormones and enzymes to specific types of cells and tissues; from organs and muscles to bones to brain structures.
  • The bioenergetics of how nutrition and diet are impacting the body, including its ability to process vitamins, minerals and more. The scan results also include recommendations forNEStrition supplementation.
  • Emotional and mental states, including the bioenergetic effects of memories, past conflicts, shocks, and traumas.

ProVision provides truly impressive levels of detail on these and other aspects of the body-field and body in an easy-to-understand way. It also prioritizes corrections according to NES body-field theory and makes recommendations for the most effective Infoceuticals based on the current scan.

For the full story of the groundbreaking theory upon which NES ProVision is based and a thorough description of its use, see our book Decoding the Human Body-Field: The News Science of Information as Medicine.

What Sets NES Theory Apart?

The theory underlying the NES ProVision and Infoceuticals is truly one of a kind – the most comprehensive understanding of body-field dynamics to date.

NES gets to the heart of the bioenergetic reality of the body. Many biotechnologies rely on detecting distorted frequencies in cells or organs and then sending a corrective signal in the form of sound, light, magnetics and such. But if the body-field is distorted, then the body cannot hold those corrective frequencies. Eventually, they will become distorted again. Any correction, therefore, is usually short term.

NES is different. We are not trying to dictate to the body. Instead, we are working at a deeper level – with the body’s master control system, the body-field. We directly correct the information and energy network of the body-field, which in turn helps restore the body’s own self-healing capacities. Once the body-field is corrected, the body knows what to do, when, and how in order to return to its natural state of well-being.

After nearly thirty years of research, NES has ‘mapped’ the body-field in great detail, correlating its energy and information channels to thousands of biological and physiological functions. NES theory represents a true integration of traditional Chinese medicine and modern biology.




How Does A ProVision Scan Work?

Our scan returns thousands of results, sorted and prioritized according to the severity of the body-field distortion.  The scan itself is quick and non-invasive. Your client simply places his or her hand on the input device and the scan is complete in minutes.

ProVision acts like a body-field GPS. With a GPS, you input your starting point and desired destination point, and the GPS calculates all the routes that will get you there. It then returns the one that is the most direct and quickest depending on road conditions and other parameters, many of which, like construction and detours, that you cannot even know about.

ProVision is the first ‘GPS’ for the body-field. Here’s how:

  1. Your client has a starting point: his or her health condition at the moment of the scan. This is encoded as information and energy in his or her body-field
  2. Your client’s destination point is the conscious intention to heal, perhaps for overall healing or perhaps of addressing a specific condition.
  3. The scan assesses the body-field, noting its distortions and blockages. It prioritizes these according to NES theory: we have discovered that there is a ‘preferred sequence’ to healing which when followed allows the body to recover in the deepest, most lasting yet quickest way. The scan accounts for this preferred sequence and calculates many other variables and returns the best ‘healing route’ at this moment in time for your client.
  4. The results include the recommended Infoceuticals, which provide corrective information directly to the body-field to correct distortions.


Quality Training and Clinical Support

Provision Screen DeviceOur commitment to excellence in innovation carries over to our dedication to your training. Training in the ProVision to the “certified” level is included in the purchase price of your system. There are two levels of training, the first is several days of classroom training in a small-group setting with a certified instructor, followed by an online training program where you work at your own pace in conjunction with a certified instructor.

NES ProVision also provides everything you need to have a successful consultation with your clients, no matter what your area of speciality.

  • Automatic Treatment Recommendations. A ProVision scan identifies priority areas for improvement using the NES Infoceuticals and makes recommendations for miHealth therapy zones, NEStrition supplements, and more.
  • Scan and Consultation Reports. ProVision puts a full range of reports and scheduling documents at your fingertips, including Infoceutical protocol forms with usage instructions, descriptions of the Infoceuticals and NEStrition supplements, information sheets for home use, and a schedule for follow-up consultations.
  • Computer Tools. ProVision features fully interactive graphical displays and comprehensive video and text Help files (with translation into several languages) that explain everything you need to know to understand the scan results and discuss them with your clients. It also includes a communication tool to stimulate discussion between you and your client.
  • Technical and Clinical Support.  Support via email and telephone is provided through the local distributor. (Offerings may vary from country to country.)


System Requirements

ProVision software is run on your computer. Minimum system specifications are:

  • Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or higher), Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • 1024×768 minimum screen resolution
  • One free USB port
  • DVD drive for software installation
  • 2GB RAM (recommended)
  • 5GB free hard disk space (recommended)

NES ProVision is compatible with Apple/MacIntonish computers; however, doing so requires that you either dual boot with a Windows operating system or use a virtual PC application such as VMWare Fusion (which allows for Windows to be run within the Apple environment). NES ProVision can then be installed within this Windows environment.