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  • NES Health is at the forefront of healthcare exploration. We understand and can demonstrate that Information and Energy, not genes and biochemistry control biology.
  • NES Health is the pioneer in Informational Healthcare which many believe to be the next generation of healthcare.
  • We have a growing base of case studies and testimonials from people who believe that NES really has made a difference to their health and wellbeing
  • Be part of a growing movement that believes that everyone should have a choice: Informational healthcare is the best alternative or complementary option to the current allopathic system
  • Have access to unparalleled healthcare products, services and training
  • Receive the highest level of practitioner support and care
  • Help, enable and empower your clients on their healing journey
  • Offer an excellent programme of holistic care and well-being to all your clients
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  • Use NES-generated effective consumer marketing tools (leaflets, adverts, PR, consumer newsletters) and learn new marketing techniques to expand your practice
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