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EIS Preventative Scanning

Do you want to know what is happening in your body? Detecting serious disease early could save your life. As the old adage goes; a stitch in time saves nine. Natra-Heal Clinic utilizes the the latest ‘state of the art’ EIS Body Scan System that is able to detect heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hormonal disorders and many other conditions before any symptoms are present.

The system is non invasive and is not claustrophobic. The results are immediate and you can start your treatment programme right away. The EIS Body Scan System has been proven in hospitals in Europe and the USA.


Yes you can stop playing Russian Roulette with your health. Find it and fix it!

What used to take weeks to accomplish with blood tests can now be ascertained within a few minutes.

We carry a full range of natural remedies that have been developed for the EIS Body Scan System. Your scan could be the beginning of your path to a new level of health and wellness.

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